Social Car Scheme

What is a Social Car Scheme?

Our Social Car Service (SCS) is, simply, a scheme to get you where you want to go. Whether it’s a coffee morning, the cinema, or just a friend’s house, our volunteer drivers will use their own cars to transport you to your desired destination.

How does it work?

If you’ve got a social appointment, you can book a Social Car by phone or email. We’ll arrange a Volunteer Driver (and notify you of their identity in advance) who will use their own car to pick you up and drop you at your destination, then pick you up afterwards and return you home.

How much does it cost?

Not much. There’s a base charge of £5, then each mile is 45p. This includes the distance from the Volunteer Driver’s home both before and after the journey. So for example, if a driver travelled 1 mile to reach your home, 2 miles to your destination, 2 miles back to your home, and 1 mile back to theirs, the total cost of your trip would be £7.60 – more than your average bus fare, but cheaper than a taxi and with door-to-door transport to any destination reachable by car. The charges cover our costs, including the Volunteer Driver’s fuel and the office administration.

Can you accommodate wheelchairs?

We can accommodate most folding wheelchairs under the normal conditions of the Service. Due to the service being provided with our Volunteer Drivers’ own cars, wheelchairs must be able to fold up for storage when in transit. Our Volunteers can assist with the movement and stowing of your wheelchair at both ends of the journey. Due to the fact that only some of our Volunteer Drivers’ cars can accommodate this, you must notify us that you require transport of your wheelchair when booking your journey.

If you use a non-folding wheelchair, we can provide an alternative service using one of our buses. Due to the extra costs and administration involved for this, there is a base charge of £20, but this covers the first 20 miles of any journey, with an additional charge of £1.00 per mile thereafter.

Check here to find out if you’re eligible

To use the SCS, you must be:

  •  Registered as a customer with CDVC [you can register easily over the phone, or by dropping into the Volunteer Centre]
  • Unable to use existing public transport services due to disability or restricted mobility, whether temporary or permanent

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