Ring and Ride Shopper Buses

Ring and Ride – our Shopper Buses

We run a number of regular buses, including services to supermarkets, social groups, and other activities. Most of these operate around Castle Donington, Hemington, and Lockington, but we can accept bookings from slightly further afield (see ‘Ring and Ride Extra’ below).

How does it work?

Ring and Ride is simple – you choose your destination and the date you’d like to go from the list below, you call us on 01332 850526, and we book you onto the bus. On the day of travel, the bus will pick you up from your home, take you to your destination, and drop you back off at your door afterwards. The buses will have two fully-trained Volunteers working on them – a Driver, and a Passenger Assistant.

Shopper Buses

Our Shopper Buses are three weekly buses, one fortnightly bus, and one on-request bus to local supermarkets, as shown on the timetable below. As with all our Ring and Ride services, our Volunteer Driver and Passenger Assistant will pick you up at your home, take you to the supermarket, and drop you back at home afterwards – and they’ll even help you with your bags!

Here’s the timetable for our shopper buses:


Day Destination Frequency/time/fee
Monday [Wheelchair Passenger Specials] On request [priced per bus]
Tuesday Morrisons, Coalville FortnightlyMorning £5.00
Wednesday Tesco or Asda, Long Eaton WeeklyMorning £5.00
Thursday Trent Lane Co-Op (the “big Co-Op”), Castle Donington WeeklyMorning £4.00
Friday Morrisons, Coalville WeeklyMorning £5.00

Can you accommodate wheelchairs?

Yes. Our buses are fully set-up and our Volunteers fully trained to have wheelchair users on the bus. We use standard, regulated and frequently-checked equipment to secure wheelchairs, and a wheelchair lift to get passengers onto and off the bus.

What if the bus I want is full?

Given the popularity of our Ring and Ride services, and the fact that wheelchairs (and shopping bags!) are provided for, our buses can occasionally fill up. If a bus is full when you contact us to book a place, we’ll let you know immediately, and help you decide on an alternative bus if you’d like us to.

Can you remind me of my booking closer to the time?

Yes. If you’d like us to give you a call the day before your booking to remind you, just ask when you make you’re booking and we’ll be happy to do so.

Ring and Ride Extra

Passengers outside Leicestershire who wish to use our Ring and Ride services will be charged higher fares than those within Leicestershire. Our Ring and Ride services are partially funded by Leicestershire County Council as an alternative to public transport for passengers in our catchment area who cannot use public transport due to disability or mobility issues, with the condition that we set fees comparable to public transport (the funding then covers our remaining costs). Passengers outside Leicestershire are not covered by this funding, and as such, we operate a “fair fare” scheme called Ring and Ride Extra. If you’re outside Leicestershire, you’re still very welcome to use our services as listed below, but the fare will be a little more – just as it would be on public transport.

Here are the Ring and Ride Extra timetables, first for our Shopper Buses:


Day Destination Frequency & details
Tuesday Morrisons, CoalvilleVia Diseworth and Breedon-on-the-Hill FortnightlyMorning, from £5.00
Wednesday Tesco or Asda, Long Eatonvia Kegworth, Hathern and Sawley WeeklyMorning, from £4.00-£6.00
Wednesday Tesco or Asda, Long Eatonvia Melbourne & Shardlow WeeklyMorning, from £6.00-£10.00
Friday Morrisons, Coalvillevia Diseworth and Breedon-on-the-Hill WeeklyMorning, from £5.00

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